Digital Marketing Strategy:  The ideal framework for your business’ success.

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Key Points

A strong and strategic digital marketing strategy is an indispensable tool for your business. You need a marketing strategy! Period. Point blank. You have to have a digital marketing strategy if you want the odds in your favor. Please don’t wing it! It will allow you to distinguish what is unique about your business to your audience. It will also help you develop both the strategies and language to effectively communicate your unique value proposition in a way that makes people want to listen. An effective Digital Marketing Strategy usually uses tactics that include a variety of digital channels that your ideal clients tend to visit often. 

In today’s climate, customers and companies alike are nearly always online and on-the-move. The goal is to connect with them to study their behavior. You want to know:

  • What makes them tick
  • Their spending habits
  • How and where they spend their time

An extensive and comprehensive approach to planning out your digital marketing strategy can unveil fresh openings and extend your reach. Rather than spending money on random marketing tools, it will keep you pointed at what’s working for you and your brand. 

The bottom line is that a great marketing plan can focus you. It will typically help you gain more clients, make more money and save money all at the same time.

Having a targeted audience and identifying their needs, interests, and pain points, will be imperative in developing a practical plan for accomplishing your marketing objectives. 

With the thousands of digital marketing strategies out there, it can be quite overwhelming to decide tactics to prioritize first. Building or choosing the wrong digital marketing strategy can waste precious resources. What else could you do with the wasted time and money that comes along with not having a plan? You could have otherwise grown your business or spent quality time with your family! Having the correct marketing strategy for your business will allow you to focus on the many other obligations and tasks that are required to stay on top of your lead generation goals. How then can you easily and effectively create, fine-tune, and manage a flexible digital marketing strategy? Read on to explore.

My goal is to help you learn what is necessary to improve your digital presence. This guide will help you enhance customer engagement, boost brand awareness as well as generate strong leads.  

What are the most effective digital marketing strategies?

In order to efficiently develop the best digital marketing strategy, it’s important to have clear insight into  your  business, products and customer demographics.  

According to research by Smart Insights, the most effective digital marketing strategies in order of effectiveness were social media marketing, content marketing, and data managementI call them the big three! But don’t forget Search Engine Optimization. 

Above and beyond the aforementioned big three, there are additional methods of marketing proven to be effective. Video marketing and email marketing have steadily stood out as effective ways of marketing nearly any kind of product. 

The most important question you have to ask yourself is: 

“Does your strategy match your brand and your message?” 

The following concepts will help you create effective business planning and marketing operations.

  • Stay Smart, Track Your Success, and Be Agile
  • Demographic Research: Know Your Customer 
  • Content Marketing: Utilize Content for Lead Generation
  • Host Live Events & Use Audio
  • Employ Content for Authority and Authenticity

Stay Smart, Track Your Success, and Be Agile with your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing can be a trial-and-error process. Even thriving strategies will always need growth and some kind of tweaking! Be sure to continuously assess and measure success of your strategy, then make adjustments accordingly. You’ll want to be flexible with upcoming trends, shifting SEO patterns, new KPIs to focus on, your content calendar and timeline, etc. Don’t hesitate to hire a marketing consultant to help you analyze your metrics and redefine goals if you’re not getting something right.  

Demographic Research for your Marketing Strategy: Know Your Customer

This is exactly what it says. Knowing your customer base and what connects them to your product allows you to focus on only the most efficient methods of digital marketing specific to your case. Demographics can help you understand your target, creating a steady stream of loyal customers who know what they are getting with your company on a continuous basis.  Continue to explore and stay current on issues concerning your audience’s social, cultural and political trends. 

The following are useful prompts on how to use demographic information to create a successful digital marketing strategy: 

  • Establish the digital channels that best reach your target audience 
  • Use language and presentations that resonate with that target audience. 
  • Know their pain points and how to connect with what engages their attention. 
  • Create and tell a story that connects with your audience’s personality, and brings to life how your business can make an impact on their lives. 

The main goal of demographic research is to develop and maintain a strong audience profile. Ensure a consistently effective digital marketing strategy with accurate information. 


Content Marketing: Utilize Content for Lead Generation

A digital marketing strategy that involves sharing strong written content with your audience is a reliable way to generate leads. Connecting your blog posts to a landing page with some sort of incentive or “special offer”, will automatically greatly increase your conversion potential. Examples of great offers are “Get your FREE Press Release here” or “Get your FREE Marketing Consultation here!” Seriously, click the link and start here. It’s really free.

Host digital live events and use an audio strategy

Hosting in-person or video events, such as live webinars, can further be used as incentives to draw your audience in. They are also useful networking tools to share with others in your industry as you build a name for yourself. Webinars don’t have to be formal or high end productions. Visuals tend to remain in people’s minds more than reading material.

Digital Marketing Distributes Useful Content for Authority & Authenticity

Content marketing used to be a luxury that could set you apart from your competitors. Using social media to merely post requests to purchase your product is typically ineffective nowadays. Those days are long gone. The phrase, “Content is King” is an understatement! Having valuable information to offer your audience can drastically increase their likelihood of listening to your message. Listening to your message means you have a shot at getting them to buy into you with their time or money. Relevant content that supports your customer base’s goals, and demonstrates your value in achieving those goals, is essential for digital marketing success.

In all of your marketing content, be sure to include your business values and mission. Be creative with your methods of sharing information. Below are a few tips to keep your audience engaged while establishing a strong industry reputation. 

  • Don’t be afraid to be authentic and a little personal with your live videos. Periodically present interactive components and an almost ‘behind-the-scenes look’ at your business. 
  • You may want to offer open-ended training and learning as a part of your brand’s mission.
  • Integrate your product in that training.
  • Utilize podcasting and transcribed interviews to create written marketing content on a conversational level. This will enhance your SEO-optimized content on the web.

Give your business a personable and approachable view with sentimental storytelling. Not only does this engage your audience but also builds trusting loyal customers. Loyal customers who can eventually become raving fans!

Principal Elements of a Digital Marketing Strategy

The following are key elements to help you build a successful digital marketing strategy for your business.

  1. Brand definition. Consider the Unique Selling Proposition of your business and define your brand by using guidelines. What sets you apart from everyone else? Everything that comes from your business should represent your brand with the same consistent message and unique selling proposition.
  2. Build customer profiles: Collect demographic information such as gender, age, location, and what motivates them to choose your products and services. You can utilize google analytics to help in building the user’s profile.
  3. Identify your main target market: Employ market research tools like Google Trends, Google Keyword Planner, and Facebook Audience Insights to manage market research and identify possible target markets. Looking at your current customers and checking out your competitors are great places to start.
  4. Carry out a competitive analysis: Competitive analysis is the part of your digital marketing strategy that helps you understand how to overcome your competitors. It identifies the white space in your industry. It also identifies other areas of opportunity. Utilize the web and social analytics tools like Semrush, SocialBakers, and similar web resources to investigate your competitors. Start with a S.W.O.T. (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis.
  5. Control and designate resources to adequately fulfill objectives: By resources here, we mean manpower; internal team or outsource marketing agencies and funds.

Why you need a digital marketing strategy for your business success.

Having a digital marketing strategy is an indispensable part of your business plan. It keeps you on task and removes the distraction of ineffective marketing engines that do not fit your demographic. A successful digital marketing strategy also optimizes workflow implementation. It empowers you to operate at a higher level of effectiveness, while using data analytics to find opportunities for business growth. 

Digital marketers use this tool to create openings for continuous advancement in strategies using tools like search engine optimization marketing (SEO) and conversion rate optimization (customer experience), to achieving your business goal (new clients and stronger relationships). A great digital marketing strategy will turn inquisitive visitors to raving fans of your brand!

Without a digital marketing strategy:

  1. You are more or less directionless. Without a clearly outlined strategy, obtaining new clients and establishing meaningful relationships with existing ones will be exponentially difficult. Not having a plan is similar to taking shots in the dark and hoping for a positive outcome.
  2. You have no clue who your audience or online marketplace are. Don’t forget your research! Demographic research gives you the tools you need to know how, where, and when to execute your marketing efforts. You could be spending money on Facebook when your demographic frequents TikTok or Google.
  3. Surviving businesses and start-up competitors will win market share. Without sufficient resources and a great strategy for your digital marketing you are creating more space for your competitors to overtake you and fill that gap. Create and execute your plan to close all the gaps between you and those ahead of you. 

PRO Tip! Final thoughts

With digital marketing strategies, the bottom line is to ensure you’re aligned with your core purpose and target audience through the most effective and efficient channels. While focusing on benefits, don’t forget to address your customers’ real needs, especially those that create long term buy in. 

Besides that, stay current with social trends that impact your target audience and similar demographics. Always remember that it is your job to ‘follow’ your consumers and not otherwise.

If you need help coming up with a plan, call, text or e-mail us at The Traffic Junkies. We would be happy to offer you a free Marketing Consultation to help you plan and execute your marketing plan and be successful in business!

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